Deck Pressure Washing

Maintaining your deck’s appearance is easy with deck pressure washing. Not only is it a quick and easy way to clean the surface, but it can also help to reduce the number of pests on your deck. Using the right equipment, you can get the job done quickly and without damaging your deck.

What is Deck Pressure Washing?

Deck pressure washing is a process of using high pressure and water to clean surfaces. The pressure washes dirt, oil, and grease from decks, stairs, rails, and other vertical surfaces. The high pressure breaks down the oils and grease on the surface, leaving them clean and free of stains. The water also removes any residue left by the chemicals. This process is especially effective in areas that are difficult to reach with traditional cleaning methods.

Deck Pressure Washing

Types of Deck Pressure Washing

A few different types of deck pressure washers can be used for cleaning. A wand-type cleaner is the simplest and typically uses high-pressure water to blast dirt and debris off the surface. A frame-mounted cleaner uses a frame to hold the spray head above the deck, allowing it to shoot a powerful stream of water over the surface.

Rotary pressure washers use an engine to power rotating blades that create a high-pressure jet of water that can remove dirt, grease, and other contaminants from surfaces.


Aubrey Pressure Washing Pros always do a great job! They are thorough, mindful of caring for plants in the landscape beds, and leave things looking new. Our black roof sections are gone! The driveway and sidewalks are very clean and fresh. We are happy to recommend them to others!

- Emily

First experience with Aubrey Pressure Washing Pros. Quick response to request for quote. Walked the site and took pictures to insure they remembered everything and could properly quote. Set up schedule. Arrived on time. Staff was pleasant and responded to questions.

- Raquel

Highly recommended. Aubrey Pressure Washing Pros were professional, responsive, and timely with the service. We’ll definitely have them out again next time we need our house and driveway pressure washed and gutters cleaned out.

- Fedrick

Benefits of Deck Pressure Washing

Deck pressure washing is a powerful cleaning tool that can benefit your home and your deck. Here are five key benefits of using this type of cleaning:

1. Effective on Grime and Debris: Deck pressure washers are great for removing surfaces’ dirt, dust, and debris. They’re also effective at getting rid of any oils or stains that may be present.
2. Quick and Efficient: Deck pressure washers are fast and efficient for cleaning surfaces. Depending on the model, they can clean in as little as 10 minutes or less. This makes them ideal for quick cleanups.
3. Can Be Used on Hard-to-reach Areas: If you have difficulty reaching certain areas of your deck, a deck pressure washer can help you get the job done quickly and easily. Some models even have extensions that make it easy to reach those hard-to-reach areas.
4. Safe to Use: Unlike other cleaners, deck pressure washers are safe around water lines and other sensitive areas. This means you don’t have to worry about damaging your home or deck while trying to clean them with this type of cleaner.

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Deck Pressure Washing

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Hiring a pressure washing company is one of the smartest things you can do for your home. Not only will they clean your home quickly and efficiently, but they will also leave it looking perfect! There are a few reasons why you should consider using a pressure washing service to clean your home. First, they can get everything clean in a fraction of the time someone would spend cleaning it manually. Secondly, their machines use high-pressure water and chemicals to do the job quickly and effectively. Finally, pressure washing leaves your home looking brand new – no scrubbing required!

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